Payment policies

We are making every effort to have someone up front during class hours to answer any questions or take tuition payments.  For the times nobody is up front and you need to make a payment, there is a payment box on the wall in front of the desk in the lobby that you can slip your check into.  If you have cash, please put it in an envelope with your name, student's name and date.  DO NOT GIVE YOUR PAYMENTS TO TEACHERS IF THEY ARE NOT AT THE FRONT DESK. If you have any questions and no one is up front, please check the back office.  If office staff is not there DO NOT INTERRUPT CLASS.  Please wait until class is over and speak with the teacher or leave a message on the front desk.


  1. If you pay for the year and must drop all classes, NO REFUNDS will be given.  However you will receive a credit of the remaing amount for up to two years.  This is not transferable to another student or sibling.
  2. For any schedule changes (adding or dropping a class), a class change form must be filled out.  For every change there is a $15 fee.  If withdrawing your child from class, the withdraw form must be filled out and a fee of $15 will be charged.
  3. A 30 day notice is required when withdrawing from classes, or notify the office before the 1st day of the month or tuition will be charged for that month.


Tuition may be paid on the first day of class following the first of the month.  A $25 late fee will be charged if tuition is not paid by the 10th of the month.  If tuition is not paid by the 20th your child may watch class but will not be allowed to participate. All tuition may be paid by auto draft, online, check, card, or cash.


After 10th of the month:  $25

There is a NSF check fee of $50 for returned checks.  After two NSF checks per customer we will accept cash only.