Dress Code


Appropriate dance wear includes leotards, tights, dance pants, leggings and hair pulled back so not to get in student's face.


BALLET:  TLDS dance wear is acceptable as long as it is tight clothing (no baggy shorts or T-shirts.) Legs must be covered with tights, leggings or dance pants.  

TAP AND JAZZ: TLDS dance wear, leotard, tank tops, sports bras, snug T-shirts, legs must be covered with tights, leggings, or dance pants.

HIP HOP- TLDS dance wear, baggie clothes appropriate, easy to move in workout clothes, no jeans, shorts are allowed.


TAP: Tan tap shoes for dancers in pre-school, kinder.  When dancers are ready for oxford taps they will be notified when placing shoe order.  

BALLET: Pink ballet shoes for all girls, and black ballet shoes for boys.

JAZZ: Black jazz shoes for all ages.

HIP HOP: Dance sneakers or tennis shoes


Please have hair pulled back for all classes! (Ponytail, bun, messy bun, etc.)